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Welcome to Children's Urology of Virginia!

Thanks for visiting us at Children's Urology of Virginia. Although we opened our doors in February, 2006, we are not really a new practice. In actuality, our practitioners offer a combined experience of over 50 years in the care of children with urological problems. You will learn more of the breadth of our collective experience and interests as you review within this website the biographical information about our group members. We have worked in universities, in private practices, in hospitals large and small. Now, at last, we have brought together a team and a setting optimal for the evaluation and treatment of children in need of urological care.

It is surprising to many that children might require the services of a urologist. The common impression of a urological patient is the man with an enlarged prostate gland or the adult with recurrent kidney stones...bloody urine and a lot of pain! And, yes, we see children who have kidney stones and blocked, obstructed urinary tracts. But pediatric urology comprises much more; it is in fact a specialty of its own, standing free from urology in adults, because of the wide array of problems we manage. Our involvement begins with the evaluation of the unborn — many of our referrals come from obstetricians seeking guidance in the care of the fetus with a dilated urinary tract. Our management continues after birth for this issue and many others of the congenital variety, meaning those defects or conditions with which the child is born. These include kidney obstructions, bladder obstructions, and abnormalities of genital and urinary system formation, some common (undescended testicles and hypospadias) and some rare (bladder exstrophy, for example.) In addition, we help with the care of problems that are not congenital, but acquired later, including circumcision problems, urinary infections , toilet-training problems, and bedwetting, to name a few. You can learn more about all of these problems here at the website or by visiting our offices for an appointment with one of our practitioners.

And so, you might wonder, why start a new practice when we were already caring for children in other settings? Clearly, having a child become ill and require medical or surgical treatment is a stressful experience to parents and children alike. We feel strongly that such care is best delivered in a setting where everyone — practitioners and staff together — has chosen to work because of his or her devotion to making children's lives better. We are prepared to offer compassion when our little patients are afraid, patience when they are hesitant, and praise and a prize when they've been brave. We hope you will get a sense of our enthusiasm and commitment to our mission as you become better acquainted with us through the website and your interaction with us in the office. Please look around and get to know us better!

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