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Children's Urology of Virginia combines the services of three experienced pediatric urologists. We provide child-friendly urology services in Richmond, Fredericksburg and accept patients from central Virginia and surrounding areas. We treat childhood urology conditions that affect the kidneys, ureters, bladder and external genetalia of boys and girls. Many of the children requiring the services of a urologist have urinary reflux or retention, kidney stones, blocked or obstructed urinary tracts, hypospadias or undescended testicles. Children's Urology of Virginia also treats urology conditions such as abnormalities of genital and urinary system formation, testicular cancer, circumcision problems, urinary tract infections , toilet-training problems, and bedwetting. We perform Deflux treatment for urinary reflux while your child is still under anesthesia for cystography eliminating the need for another procedure in most cases. We treat children with both congenital and acquired urology conditions and consult with obstetricians when urinary tract abnormalities are identified in the baby before birth.

Pediatric urology is a specialty of its own, because of the wide array of problems we manage. You can learn more about all of these problems here at the website or by visiting our offices for an appointment with one of our practitioners.

Clearly, having a child become ill and require medical or surgical treatment is a stressful experience to parents and children alike. We feel strongly that such care is best delivered in a setting where everyone - practitioners and staff together - has chosen to work because of his or her devotion to making children's lives better.

Childrens Urology of Virginia - About Us
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